Stress – a first-aid kit

I wrote this list for myself a while ago and thought it’s worth sharing. Hope you like it too.

If you want to feel happy and live your highest expression…

1. Put God in charge. The mind is a very bad boss.

2. Stay within your limits. Know them and respect them. (- inspired by the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, DSc)

3. Relate only to reality. (Identify your thoughts about what is happening. They are not actually happening; only reality is happening…and whoops! There it went. Reality is changing every minute.) Stop fighting reality and start enjoying your day. (- inspired by The Work of Byron Katie)

4. When confused or unsure, feel your body. Your body cannot lie.

5. If something feels effortless, it’s coming from God. If it feels like work, it’s coming from the mind. (- the Grandmothers said this.)

6. Our true work has nothing to do with making money.

7. At the end of our lives, the only thing that matters is love and relationships. For example, dying people only want their finances in order because they love the people they are leaving behind.) (- inspired by a palliative caregiver)

8. Our highest, eternal expression is unconditional love. In other words, our highest expression is not “getting stuff done” or “keeping everything under control”.

I send you blessings for a peaceful, loving day today, where every one of your material actions is an earthly expression of your highest self. – Golden Eagle Feather


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