On love

It seems like people are confused about what “love” means. Being loved  has nothing to do with approval (“I like you” or “I approve of your behavior”). It also has nothing to do with what you get from loving someone or doing a loving act.

Therefore, “unconditional love” is actually redundant: love is unconditional, period. If it’s not unconditional, it’s not love – it’s approval, or manipulation, or appreciation of a fine quality.

Love is. Yin is. The loving quality of the Great Mother is expressed through us when we embrace all of life, every last bit of someone’s personal life expression. Embracing and surrounding someone with love – regardless of their actions, their opinions, or their words – is expressing our true, joyous nature.

Some other time I might write about how setting boundaries can also be an expression of love, but I think this little chunk is enough to chew on for now.

I send you love!

Blessings for a loving day,

Golden Eagle Feather


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