Daily Obsession: “Your trust needs reinforcing”

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“Je vertrouwen moet versterkt worden.” – Sharon McErlane, Een oproep van de Grootmoeders: Werken met het Net van Licht, p. 139

Nadat de Grootmoeders dit zeggen aan Sharon, ze linken haar wervelkolom met een lijn of kolom van licht die zich verstrekt ver tot in de ruimte en ver naar beneden tot in de aarde en verder. Haar verticale wervelkolom is gelinked met het verticale lijn van licht en tentakels van licht die strekken tot in de tijd en over grote afstanden. “Dit is het Net van Licht, die echt is,” zeggen de Grootmoeders. Op die manier versterken ze Sharons vertrouwen.

Hoe zou jouw dag eruit zien als jij ervoor je eigen lichaam verbonden op deze manier met het Net van Licht?

Laat het maar gebeuren!

Lieve Grootmoeder groet,

Golden Eagle Feather



“Your trust needs reinforcing” – Sharon McErlane, Our Love is Our Power: Working with the Net of Light, around p. 135

After the Grandmothers say that to Sharon, they link her spine with a line or column of light that extends far into space and far down into the earth and beyond. Her vertical spine is linked the vertical line of light and with tentacles of light that reach into time and distance. “This is the Net of Light, which is real”, say the Grandmothers.

This is how the Grandmothers reinforced Sharon’s trust. What would your day be like today if you felt your very body being connected to the Net of Light?

May it be so!

With Grandmothers’ blessings,

Golden Eagle Feather


One comment on “Daily Obsession: “Your trust needs reinforcing”

  1. Barbara Kelch says:

    Reminding myself as I read this blog, that I am connected to and participating in this awareness of the Net of Light, is like getting an adjustment at the Chiropracters office. It straightens my spine. I find an immediate gentle strength. It gives me the peace of mind to speak my truth without anger to the ones that I need to say truth to, without fear. Amazingly simple, no shouting, spoken firmly in peace. The protection I receive from that space, is total protection and love beyond measure. These are trying times we live in. Blessings run deep! Thank you grandmothers.

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