Daily Obsession: Love is now

These Daily Obsessions are like a vitamin for the soul. Take one daily for obsessive worrying and criticizing. For English, scroll down.


Dit is me gewoon binnenschoten vandaag. Van de Grootmoeders? Misschien…

“Liefde is nu.”

Ik vond het een schitterende meditatie om op elk van deze woorden te focussen, en om ermee te spelen.

Eerste focuste ik op het woord “liefde”. Op één word (zoals liefde) focussen is wat Christenen noemen “centering prayer”.

Dan voegde ik het tweede word “is”. Liefde is. Liefde doet niets; liefde is.

Dan het derde woord, “nu”. Liefde is nu. Het nu. Het oneindige nu. Liefde is nu. Dat is hoe we de liefde kunnen vinden; door hier te zijn, nu. Liefde is nu.

Dan dacht ik, “Liefde is er nu.” Liefde is hier, en daar, en overal, nu. Als we goed kijken kunnen we liefde overal vinden, in eenieder van ons.

Liefs aan jou!,

Golden Eagle Feather



This just popped into my mind today. From the Grandmothers? Possibly…

“Love is now.”

Out of these words, I created a wonderful little meditation. I focused on each of these words and started playing with them in my mind.

First I focused on the word “love”. Focusing on one word (such as “love”) is what Christians call “centering prayer”.

Then I added the second word, “is”. Love is. Love does not do anything; love simply is.

Then the third word, “now”. Love is now. The now. The eternal now. Love is now. That is where we can find love: by being here, now. Love is now.

Then I thought, “Love is there now.” Love is here, and there, and everywhere, right now. If we look well and thoroughly, we can find love everywhere and anywhere, in anyone.

Love to you!

Golden Eagle Feather



2 comments on “Daily Obsession: Love is now

  1. Steven Cools says:

    i felt it more like “love is here now”…

    why focus on ‘there’ if you’re focussing on ‘now’? 😉

    love, S.


  2. Because it’s easy, in that space of connection to the Divine, to feel the love that is “here and now” but it is not so simple to project that feeling “out there” to the world and all the irritating, broken things about it. Does that clarify it? Hugs, Golden Eagle Feather

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