Daily Obsession: Foreplay to a post about sex

These Daily Obsessions are like a vitamin for the soul. Take one daily for obsessive worrying and criticizing. The Grandmothers are but one face of the divine – substitute another if you prefer. For English, scroll down.


Het werk dat je gaat doen, brengt de energie die jullie yin noemen in beweging, zodat yin tegen yang duwt en…ze herschikken zich.” – De Grootmoeders via Sharon McErlane in De Grootmoeders spreken, p. 123

Noem deze blog-post maar “voorspel”. Gisteren in meditatie hebben te Grootmoeders me een heleboel seksuele beelden gegeven in meditatie, dan hebben ze die beelden verduidelijkt met citaten over yin en yang. Mijn boodschap over seks  is nog niet klaar om uit de oven te komen. (Eigenlijk, als jij weet hoe pdf’s up te loaden naar WordPress, laat me maar weten! Ik wil een lange tekst over vrouwelijke seksualiteit delen maar ik weet niet hoe het op mijn goldeneaglefeather site te smijten. In het ergste geval zal ik het gewoon copy/pasten van Word maar het is redelijk lang om op het scherm te lezen.)

Verder, ik snap nog niet het verband tussen de veranderende verhouding tussen yin en yang en de link met seks, maar de Grootmoeders willen me zeker iets in die richting duidelijk maken.

Vandaag, vraag jezelf dit en vertel me wat jij erover denkt: “Wat heeft seks te maken met het herschikken van yin en yang?”

Geniet van je dag terwijl je nadenkt over seks,

Golden Eagle Feather


The work that you will do, brings the energy of what you call yin into movement, so that yin pushes against yang and…they rearrange themselves.” – The Grandmothers via Sharon McErlane in A Call to Power, around p. 121 (top of Chapter 11)

Call this post “foreplay”. Yesterday the Grandmothers first gave me a bunch of sexual images in mediation, then clarified those images with quotations about yin and yang. This message about sex is not fully baked, though. (In fact, if you know how to post pdf’s to WordPress, please let me know! I have a long text about female sexuality to share, but I don’t know how to get it onto my goldeneaglefeather site. In the worst case I’ll just copy/paste from Word but it’s quite long to read on-screen.)

Also, I don’t yet understand the link between the changes in yin and yang and the link with sex, but the Grandmothers are clearly trying to tell me something in that direction.

Today, ask yourself this question and tell me what you come up with: “What does sex have to do with yin and yang rearranging themselves?”

Have a fun day thinking about sex,

Golden Eagle Feather


2 comments on “Daily Obsession: Foreplay to a post about sex

  1. sab1mail says:

    Today, ask yourself this question and tell me what you come up with: “What does sex have to do with yin and yang rearranging themselves?”

    i think a LOT ! the sexual act is the most close and intimate merging of a generally yang-man and a generally yin-woman (the case most of the time) .
    the way we interact with each other in those merging deep moments strongly influences one’s heart-pattern and also mind.
    it can be as shallow and empty – as it can be profound and life-changing. I talk out of my own experience, having enjoyed sex with an awakened man, where we both called in the 4 directions and elements, spirits together before sharing the bed-cover. The merging was a unique experience for both of us, close to a kundalini experience, with light-flashes and even visions.
    i swear I never had such a sexual experience before !

    Thus : now I have my own personal proof that the way HOW a man and a woman merge sexually can literally open up to the cosmos, all spirit forces, all magic possible .
    Open up to all that our beloved Grandmothers speak about – and yet so much of it may seem to us like some fantasy novel in moments …..

    A yin-woman can step into her full INNER POWER (thus shifting more into yang mode) and a yang-man can become an extreme wise and patient accompanying VESSEL for his ladies’ sexual experience . A man who witnesses his woman open up so greatly in the sexual act, will, as a result, also fully open his loving heart in embrace of the depth shared .

    That’s my experience and that is my understanding to your question.

    as always, I so appreciate the daily reminder of the Grandmother Spirits !
    with love .

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