Daily Obsession: My favorite manifestation

These Daily Obsessions are like a vitamin for the soul. Take one daily for obsessive worrying and criticizing. The Grandmothers are but one face of the Divine; you can substitute another if you prefer. For English, scroll down.


Je voelt je niet slecht omdat je teveel doet, noch omdat je vol yang-energie bent. Je voel je slecht omdat je te weinig in jezelf gelooft.” – De Grootmoeders, persoonlijke communicatie, gisteren avond

Gisteren was ik vol zorgen. Zorgen over alles wat niet gedaan raakt en alles wat ik niet perfect aan het doen ben. Ik was zelf vol zorgen over de dingen die ik heel goed doe, want ik dacht dat ik de verkeerde keuzes aan het maken was of dat ik de verkeerde prioriteiten heb.

Tijdens de laatste maanden, de Grootmoeders zijn me aan het pushen om “groot” te zijn. Dus ik heb “ja” gezegd tegen het leven – en het leven heeft dit beantwoord door me grote uitdagingen te presenteren. Stimulerende uitdagingen, maar verre van gemakkelijk. In de laaste paar weken heb ik gevreesd dat de uitdagingen te groot voor mij zijn – dat ik op het verkeerde spoor zit. Toen de Grootmoeders me zeiden dat de oorzaak van mijn ongemak was dat ik te weinig in mezelf geloof, was ik stomverbaasd. Dat was de laatste wat ik van hen verwachtte te horen. Ik dacht dat ze zouden zeggen dat ik zou moeten stoppen met al dat werken en doen en in plaats daarvan, gewoon op mijn poep gaan zitten om meer te mediteren.

Dus vandaag dacht ik “Goed dan, we gaan gewoon doen alsof ik op het juiste spoor zit. Hoe kan ik de vredige, liefdevolle kracht van yin-energie binnen in dit druk en stimulerend leven dat ik heb?” Het antwoord was mijn lievelings manifestatie/gebed: toenemende liefde, vrede, gezondheid, geld, tijd en verbinding met het Goddelijke. Het is gelukt! Ik heb onmiddelijk resultaten gezien. God geeft ons onze diepste verlangen, omdat God ons lief heeft. (Met andere woorden, let op waarvoor je vraagt, vooral onbewust.)

Vandaag en in de komende dagen/weken, leg je focus op wat je echt wilt in je leven – zelfs iets waanzinnig gelijk meer liefde, vrede, gezondheid, geld, tijd en verbinding met het Goddelijke – allemaal tegelijk. Het is mogelijk dat het zal beginnen in jouw leven te verschijnen!

Ik wens je je diepste verlangens,

Golden Eagle Feather



You are not feeling bad because you are doing too much, nor because you are full of yang energy. You are feeling bad because you have too little faith in yourself.” – The Grandmothers, personal communication last night

Yesterday, I was worrying. I was worrying about all of the things that I am not getting done and all the things I am not doing perfectly. I was even worrying about the things I am doing very well, because I was thinking that I am making the wrong choices or having the wrong priorities.

For the last several months, the Grandmothers have been egging me on to “be big”. So I have been saying “yes” to life – and life responded by with some big challenges. Stimulating challenges, but not easy at all. For a few weeks now, I have been fearing that the challenges are too much – that I am on the wrong track somehow. When the Grandmothers told me that I am feeling upset because I have too little faith in myself  I was shocked. It was the last thing I expected to hear from them. I thought they were going to tell me to give up all this work and just sit on my butt and meditate more.

So today I thought, “Alright, for the sake of argument we’ll say I’m on the right track. How can I bring the peaceful, loving power of yin energy into this busy and stimulating life I have?” The answer was my favorite manifestation/prayer: increasing love, peace, health, money, time and connection to the Divine. It worked! I saw results immediately. God gives us what we most deeply desire, because God loves us. (In other words, be careful what you wish for – especially unconsciously.)

Today and in the coming days, focus on what you truly want – even something as outrageous as simultaneously increasing your love, peace, health, money, time and connection to the Divine. It just might start showing up in your life!

Wishing you your heart’s desire,

Golden Eagle Feather




8 comments on “Daily Obsession: My favorite manifestation

  1. Bart De Bruyn says:

    Thanks, for sharing your thoughts, for your honesty, for your advise to us through the Grandmothers…! They strengthen me…


    • I’m delighted to hear this. I’m just an ordinary person getting through life the best I can. The Grandmothers strengthen me, and I am very glad to share their strength with you. Love, Golden Eagle Feather

  2. In eerste instantie moet een mens in zichzelf geloven en zichzelf liefhebben, voor deze een ander kan liefhebben. Indien en zichzelf niet kan liefhebben zal men ook geen ander kunnen liefhebben.

    Elke mens is in de gelijkenis van god geschapen en heeft van de Schepper bepaald elementen in zijn of har leven mee gekregen die die mens verder moet ontwikkelen. Voor elke mens zal dat anders zijn, want God hoeft geen meervoudige druppels die allemaal op elkaar lijken. Iedereen mag zijn eigenheid hebben. Alsook heeft iedereen de mogelijkheid gekregen om de Bron van alles te leren ontdekken. Het is ook die Bron die verder elkeen meer mogelijkheden kan geven. Hij is de Bron van het leven, het verleden, het heden en de toekomst.

    Elke mens heeft bepaalde verlangens maar deze zal die persoon in goede banen moeten leiden.

    Zelf heb je al mogen ondervinden dat gebed het middel is dat de mens verder kan brengen en tot een betere relatie kan brengen met de Schepper, maar ook met de mensen rondom hem of haar.

  3. People would not easily too much. Mostly we do not enough. One of the things people really do too much is worrying. This often happens because they do not find the Beacon or Fortress which can offer them safety.

    The divine Creator has provided all creatures the possibility to find the Master Pottery, but many are not so interested in to finding Who made everything and Who took care that they could be here.

    Often we also look for answers by the wrong people. Lots of people do not dare to go to The Creator of all. Though there was a Nazarene man who opened the path and restored the relation with the Creator which went wrong at the early beginning of the creation.
    today we should be pleased we have that restored relation, and should be happy that we now do have a mediator between God (the Creator) and men.

    By daring to go straight ahead to the One and Only One God (Jehovah) we show that we do accept the anointment of the Lamb of god, Jesus (Jeshua), the son of God (and not god the son).

    Like Jesus prayed to his Father and learned also his disciples and followers to pray to his Father we should follow the advice and example of Christ and pray to our Father and to our God, Jehovah, whose Name is set apart (holy).

    By giving ourselves in His hands he shall be able to make us further worthy Christians and better people.

    • Dear Christian,

      Although I honor and respect your obvious devotion to the Divine, I do not agree that God only has been revealed in one personage. (Jesus told me that Himself in a vision on Christmas Day, as a matter of fact.) God has revealed Him/Her/ItSelf in many different ways throughout the ages, and will continue to invent new ways of showing up. And that is good! Not everyone can relate to God as Jesus so God speaks to those people in a different form, such as the Grandmothers. Thanks for visiting my blog…and God bless you. Love, Golden Eagle Feather

  4. Every person is created in the image of God, so in each person we can also meet God. God uses different ways to reach people and to draw them near to Him. Ordinary people can also be used by God to bring others closer to Him, but we should always remember that Jesus is the way. Jeshua (Jesus Christ) gave himself as a ransom. By offering himself as the Lamb of God we are redeemed and can come freely to his and our Father.

    • Dear Belgianbiblestudents,

      I respect your views. I ask that you do the same by not trying to convert me or any of my readers to your form of worship. Whether my readers are Christian or not is none of my business, nor is it any of yours. I respectfully ask you and all other proselytizing Christians reading this blog to stop posting this sort of comment here. This is the last comment of this sort that I will approve on my blog, because if my readers were interested in reading this sort of thing, they have lots of Christian blogs to choose from. Thank you for your understanding. I send you blessings, Golden Eagle Feather

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