Daily Obsession: The right tempo

These Daily Obsessions are like a vitamin for the soul. Take one daily for obsessive worrying and criticizing. Today’s Obsession is only in English.


“Rest, said the Grandmothers, you must learn in the right tempo.” – The Grandmothers via Sharon McErlane in A Call to Power, around p. 189

Rest, and follow the flow of life. Breathe in, breathe out, and let yourself drift until a wave comes up and tells you it’s time for action.


Golden Eagle Feather


Daily Obsession: The River of Life

These Daily Obsessions are like a vitamin for the soul. Take one daily for obsessive worrying and criticizing. The Grandmothers are but one face of the Divine. For English, scroll down.


Ontvang…De Levensrivier stroomt nu in je. Stel je open voor de stroom. … Dit is het. Het is niet nodig om rond te rennen en naar iets te zoeken en er is niets om bang voor te zijn. Dit is het. … Pak deze les op en deel hem met anderen. Degenen die het vermogen hebben om hem te horen, zullen hem horen. Hij is hoe dan ook alleen voor hen.” Wolf via Sharon McErlane in Een oproep van de Grootmoeders, p. 310

Hoeveel keer hebben we rondgelopen gelijk een kip zonder kop, aan het proberen de juiste beslissing te nemen? We zoeken naar het perfecte spirituele pad, de perfecte baan, en we proberen alles goed te doen in elke situatie. Dit is wat Wolf bedoelde met “rondlopen”. All dit zoeken buiten onszelf levert niets op, want de waarheid die we zoeken door al dat rondlopen is eigenlijk te vinden diep in elk van ons.

De Rivier van het Leven staat niet stil. Deze rivier stroomt, brengt ons altijd verder in het leven. De Rivier van het Leven helpt ons groeien in verstand and vrede. Voor mij is hij een soort dynamische vrede; levend zijn is een dynamische, veranderende proces maar als we ons laten voeren met de stroom in plaats van tegen te stroom in te gaan, kunnen we vrede ervaren terwijl we voortbewegen.

Vandaag, stel je voor dat je in een kano zit op een rivier. De stroom brengt je door mooie natuurlijke landschappen. Als je wilt, je kan paddelen of gewoon rusten. Je kan langs de kant exploreren of gewoon met de stroom je laten varen. En om het leven toch interessant te houden, verschijnen er stroomversnellingen die gefocuste aandacht vragen. Maar zelfs in de stroomversnellingen zijn eer wegen tussen de rotsen heen die maar een kleine moeite vragen om te navigeren.

In wens je vandaag een dag “in de flow”.


Golden Eagle Feather



Receive…The River of Life now flows within you. Open yourself to the current. … This is it. You don’t have to run around and there is nothing to look for and nothing to be afraid of. This is it. … Receive this lesson and share it with others. Those that have the capacity to hear it, will hear it. In any case, it is only for them.” Wolf via Sharon McErlane in Our Love is Our Power, around p. 307

How many times do we make ourselves crazy, trying to make the right decision? We try to find just the right spiritual path, just the right partner, just the right job and to do just the right thing in every situation. This is what Wolf means by “running around”. All of our seeking outside of ourselves is for naught, because the truth we are seeking through all that running around is actually hidden deep within each of us.

The River of Life does not stand still. This river flows, moves us along in life. The River of Life helps us to grow in understanding and in peace. I experience the River of Life as a kind of dynamic peace; being alive is a dynamic, changing process and yet when we flow along with the current instead of fighting against it, we can experience peace while still moving forward.

Today, imagine yourself in a canoe on a river. The current of the river carries you past beautiful natural landscapes, always changing as you pass by. If you wish, you can paddle, feeling the movement of your body, the sensual pleasure of using your muscles to push your paddle through the water. You can angle your boat to explore along the shore, or you can just rest your paddle on the boat and drift on the current. And just to keep life interesting, sometimes rapids appear along the way, requiring your focused attention. But even in the rapids, if you look closely you will find a path through the rocks and fast-flowing water that requires minimal effort to navigate.

I wish you a day “in the flow”.


Golden Eagle Feather

Daily Obsession: Mountaintop view – anchoring the Net of Light

These Daily Obsessions are like a vitamin for the soul. Take one daily for obsessive worrying and criticizing. The Grandmothers are but one face of the Divine; substitute another if you prefer. The commentary to this Daily Obsession is only in English (sorry Nederlandstaligen!).


Op je recente reis…verankerde je het Net overal waar je kwam. … Je verankerde het Net. Deel deze informatie. Iedereen moet dit horen, omdat ieder mens dat ons oproept, hetzelfde doet. Ook zij verankeren het Net van Licht en ze moeten dat inzien. Waar je ook bent, thuis of in het buitenland, op het moment dat je het Goddelijke oproept, onze liefde voor jou voelt en/of deze liefde door je heen voelt stromen naar anderen, veranker je het Net van Licht. Juist op zo’n moment zegen je de aarde….” – De Grootmoeders via Sharon McErlane in Een oproep van de Grootmoeders, p. 278



During your recent trip…you anchored the Net wherever you came. … You anchored the Net. Share this information. Everyone must hear this, because every person who calls on us, does the same. They too anchor the Net of Licht and they must realize this. Wherever you are, at home or in a foreign country, whenever you call on the Divine, feel our love for you and/or let that love flow through to others, you anchor the Net of Licht. At that very moment you bless the Earth….” – The Grandmothers via Sharon McErlane in Our Love is Our Power, p. 278

Church bells, rung by hand, are clanging across the street behind me as I sit in a little café to write these words. I smile and give a friendly “Bonjour” to a lady staring at me. I think to myself, “Ha, I just anchored the Net of Light here without even trying.” Whenever I have had the opportunity to step into a church or a chapel, before taking a little hike with our kids or while walking through a mideval village, I have paused briefly to think of the Net of Light and visualize it being anchored into the ground of wherever we find ourselves.

Whenever the close quarters, long drives and relentless heat make one of us edgy and irritable, I call on the Grandmothers and the Net of Light to bring calm and peace to our little family. It doesn’t always work immediately, but as our vacation progresses we are all finding more and more calm and more and more laughter. Even my husband is suggesting that we pop into the churches we pass on our way for a moment of cool and calm. Peace and the Net of Light are clearly contaigious.

We climbed recently to a mountaintop. Up there I got a taste of what the Grandmothers mean by following the straight path that passes above the labyrinth. I looked down at the tops of the umbrellas covering the tourist restaurant’s terrace sitting far below the steep path up to this three-star panoramic view. On one side of the mountaintop, the cows were small like Lego figurines; another side was only populated by trees and a small ribbon of asphalt. I thought to myself, “It’s all a matter of perspective. From the ground, I can’t see the bees and insects busily making a living between these mountaintop flowers – but to them, these flowers are a matter of life and death. From up here, each person is but a dot, but from their perspective, their little family squabbles and the taste of their ice cream or beer means a great deal to them.” I promised myself to try to remember this mountaintop perspective the next time I started to take my everyday irritations and temptations too seriously. Even remembering it now makes me breathe deeply.

Today, visit a mountaintop in your mind, one with a 360° view. This is the view of the Grandmothers. It is important to come here regularly, and just like Jesus did, it is equally important to come down from the mountaintop too. When we bring the mountaintop view to our pedestrian lives, we become a blessing for the Earth.


Golden Eagle Feather



Daily Obsession: More to life than wearing a bikini

These Daily Obsessions are like a vitamin for the soul. Take one daily for obsessive worrying and criticizing. For English, scroll down.

Today’s Daily Obsession is only in English because I am practicing “summer laziness”. And I don’t have my Grandmother’s books with me either. But I did get a flash of insight yesterday at the beach.

My big realization was: “There is more to life than being able to wear a bikini.”

And not only that, the women that are thin enough and well-proportioned enough and varicose-vein free and unscarred and healthy and who otherwise fit society’s unbelievably narrow definition of beauty enough to be able to wear a bikini on the beach…even those women don’t usually look all that fabulous in their bikinis. I could find something “wrong” with every single body I looked at yesterday on the beach.

So this is why we women obsess and spend money and time and so much mental energy on our physical appearance. To have some critical onlooker find something to judge about our physical shell. No, thank you! Once again I realized that beauty has little to do with our physical vehicle, and nearly everything to do with the energy that shines through every pore.

The longer I know some of my friends, and the more I love them, the more beautiful or handsome they appear to me. And vice versa – sometimes I find a person attractive at first sight, then I get to know them and they lose all of their attractiveness.

So ladies (I say this especially to the ladies, because we love beauty so much and sacrifice so much for physical beauty), beauty is an inside job. The more we cultivate the beauty/power that the Grandmothers speak of, the more sexually irresistible we become, the more popular we become, and the more love we are able to give and receive.

And isn’t that what we all really want by being able to flaunt our gorgeous tits and ass in a bikini on the beach? We want to be irresistible, we want good sex, and we want to be loved and to give love. GUESS WHAT! We – me and you and all women everywhere – can have all of that, with exactly the body we have right now. The Grandmothers have said this in their way, and I say it again: there is more to life than being able to wear a bikini.

Today, your homework is to focus on the beauty/power within and to ask the Grandmothers to grow that. Slowly, your inner beauty/power will grow and the need for that bikini-body will fade like the transitory pleasure that a bikini-body is.

Much love to you and your body in exactly the form it has taken today,

Golden Eagle Feather

Daily Obsession: Anchor yourself (on laziness)

These Daily Obsessions are like a vitamin for the soul. Take one daily for obsessive worrying and criticizing. The Grandmothers are but one face of the Divine; substitute another if you prefer. For English, scroll down.


Veranker je op deze manier, je zult dan immuun zijn voor de paniek en de angst die vat heeft op een groot deel van de wereld. … Op deze manier zal je niet weggemaaid worden door of reageren op de veranderingen die over de wereld razen,…noch zal je jezelf in een bedrieglijk gevoel van veiligheid laten sussen en het onmiskenbare negeren. Je zult in staat zijn om afgestemd te blijven op ‘de werkelijkheid’, op een echte manier te bewegen en te handelen maar niet overbelast door ernst en serieusheid. Je zult in staat zijn om van je leven te genieten, wakker te blijven bij de veranderingen en dienstbaar zijn voor anderen. Klinkt dat nu niet goed, vroegen ze en schonken me een brede glimlach.” – The Grandmothers via Sharon McErlane in Een oproep van de Grootmoeders, p. 360

Vandaag dacht ik om iets over luiheid te schrijven, maar dan hebben de Grootmoeders deze passage aangeboden. Weeral herinneren ze me dat wat wij “luiheid” noemen is niets anders dan de spiegel van “teveel yang”. Luiheid, voor de Grootmoeders, is niet relevant. Het enige wat relevant is, is zich in de aarde te verankeren.

Vandaag, neem deze “luiheid” van de zomertijd en gebruik het om jezelf te verankeren – om je in de aarde, in jezelf, in meditatie, en in de werkelijkheid te verankeren – in de echte werkelijkheid.

Ik wens je een zalige, vredig verankerde dag vandaag,


Golden Eagle Feather



Anchor yourself in this way, you will then be immune to the panic and fear that is gripping a large part of the world. … In this way you will not be destroyed by, or react to, the changes that are blowing across the world,…nor will you let yourself be lulled by a false sense of security and therefore ignore the obvious. You will be capable of relating to “reality”, to move in a true manner and to act, but without being weighed down by earnestness and seriousness. You will be able to enjoy your life, to stay awake to the changes and to be of service to others. Doesn’t that sound good, they asked me and they gave me a big smile.” – The Grandmothers via Sharon McErlane in Our Love is Our Power, around p. 355

Today I thought I would write about being lazy, but then I got this passage. Once again the Grandmothers are reminding me that what we call “laziness” is just the mirror of “too much yang”. Laziness, to the Grandmothers, is irrelevant; what is relevant is being anchored in the earth.

Today, take this summertime “laziness” and use it to anchor yourself – to get anchored in yourself, in the earth, in meditation, in reality: true reality.

Wishing you a gloriously, peacefully anchored day today.


Golden Eagle Feather


Daily Obsession: Love, the Net and vacation time

These Daily Obsessions are like a vitamin for the soul. Take one whenever they appear, for obsessive worrying and criticizing. The Grandmothers are but one face of the Divine; substitute whichever face you prefer. For English, scroll down.


Jullie hart neemt de beslissing om liefde te genereren. Dit wordt dan de wereld ingepompt door de strengen van het Net. Vervolgens zijn het je ogen, oren en adem die je het cadeau brengen van het terugkerende licht. … Licht keert terug door jullie zintuigen, omdat dat de manier is waarop mensen ontvangen. Dit is hoe jullie weten dat iets echt is.” – De Grootmoeders door Sharon McErlane in De Grootmoeders spreken, p. 225

Ik geef toe, ik heb de laatste tijd vaker vergeten om te mediteren op het Net van Licht. Maar ik ben het belang van liefde niet vergeten. Liefhebben is ons enig echt werk: ons herinneren om lief te hebben, en om het Net van Licht uit te zenden, op elke moment, elke gelegenheid. Het kwaad bestaat hier op Planeet Aarde, en het heeft hier zijn plaats. Onze grootste taak is om lief te hebben als we met het kwade geconfronteerd worden; om lief te hebben tijdens een ruzie; om lief te hebben als we angst ervaren.

En met die woorden vertrek ik op vakantie. Ik heb geen idee wat voor internet verbinding dat ik zal hebben. Ik zeg wel dat ik hoop om hier posts te blijven schrijven tussen nu en 5 augustus, maar het is ook mogelijk dat ik minder zal kunnen dan wat ik wil doen. We zullen zien!

Ik verstuur je liefde door de strengen van het Net van Licht,

Golden Eagle Feather



Your heart makes the decision to generate love. This is then pumped into the world via the strands of the Net. Then your eyes, ears and breath bring you the gift of the returning light. … Light returns to you via your senses, because that is how people receive. This is how you know that something is real.” – The Grandmothers via Sharon McErlane in A Call to Power, in the meditation on the Net of Light at the end of the book

I must admit, I have been forgetting to meditate on the Net of Light lately. But I haven’t been forgetting the importance of love. Loving is our only true work: remembering to love, and to cast the Net of Light, at every opportunity. Evil does exist here on Planet Earth, and it has a place here. Our biggest task is to remember to love in the face of evil; to love in the face of conflict; to love in the face of fear.

And with those words, I leave to go on holiday. I have no idea what kind of internet access I will have while away, so I can say that I certainly hope to continue to post here between now and August 5, but I may not be able to as much as I want. We’ll see!

Sending you love through the strands of the Net of Light,

Golden Eagle Feather


Daily Obsession: Smothering the void with chocolate

These Daily Obsessions are like a vitamin for the soul. Take one daily for obsessive worrying and criticizing. The Grandmothers are but one face of the Divine; substitute another if you can relate to that better. For English, scroll down.


Voed iets opdat het jou mag voeden.” – The Grandmothers via Sharon McErlane in De Grootmoeders spreken, p. 165

Daarnet had ik zin in een hapje, zin om te eten zonder honger te hebben. In plaats van te eten, ik heb gewacht en het gevoel gevoeld dat ik met chocolade wou versmoren. Het gevoel was leegte – niet fysieke honger, maar een soort spirituele leegte. Vervolgens opende ik het boek van de Grootmoeders voor inspiratie en ik heb die citaat gevonden. Perfect zoals altijd.

Wat gevuld moet worden in onze comfortabele Westerse samenleving zijn niet onze buikjes maar onze geesten. De Grootmoeders vertellen ons dat we iets moeten voeden zoals het ons kan voeden. Een levend iets te eten geven, zoals een huisdier of een plant, verbindt ons met de aarde en om de universele ervaring van de liefde.

Hoe verschijnt “de leegte dat gevuld moet zijn” in jouw leven? Wat doe jij om de leegte vanbinnen te vullen? En wat zou gebeuren als je de leegte gewoon eventjes liet zijn zoals het is, zonder het te proberen te vullen? Jouw missie, als je het zou aanvaarden, is om voor de leegte te staan, laat het niet-gevuld zijn, en zie wat er dan gebeurt.

Met liefde,

Golden Eagle Feather



Feed something so it may feed you.” – The Grandmothers via Sharon McErlane in A Call to Power, around p. 163

I was just feeling snacky, wanting to eat even though I am not hungry. Instead of eating, I waited and felt the feeling I was having that I wanted to smother with chocolate. The feeling was emptiness – not physical hunger, but a kind of spiritual emptiness. Then I opened the Grandmothers’ book for inspiration and I found that quotation. Perfect as usual.

What needs filling in our comfortable Western lives are not our bellies, but our spirits. The Grandmothers tell us to “feed something so it can feed you”. Feeding a living something, like a pet or a plant, connects us both to the Earth and to the universal experience of love.

How does “the void that needs filling” show up in your life? What do you do to fill the emptiness inside? And what would happen if you let the void just be for a little while, without trying to fill it? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to face the void, let it stay unfilled, and see what happens next.

With love,

Golden Eagle Feather