Daily Obsession: More to life than wearing a bikini

These Daily Obsessions are like a vitamin for the soul. Take one daily for obsessive worrying and criticizing. For English, scroll down.

Today’s Daily Obsession is only in English because I am practicing “summer laziness”. And I don’t have my Grandmother’s books with me either. But I did get a flash of insight yesterday at the beach.

My big realization was: “There is more to life than being able to wear a bikini.”

And not only that, the women that are thin enough and well-proportioned enough and varicose-vein free and unscarred and healthy and who otherwise fit society’s unbelievably narrow definition of beauty enough to be able to wear a bikini on the beach…even those women don’t usually look all that fabulous in their bikinis. I could find something “wrong” with every single body I looked at yesterday on the beach.

So this is why we women obsess and spend money and time and so much mental energy on our physical appearance. To have some critical onlooker find something to judge about our physical shell. No, thank you! Once again I realized that beauty has little to do with our physical vehicle, and nearly everything to do with the energy that shines through every pore.

The longer I know some of my friends, and the more I love them, the more beautiful or handsome they appear to me. And vice versa – sometimes I find a person attractive at first sight, then I get to know them and they lose all of their attractiveness.

So ladies (I say this especially to the ladies, because we love beauty so much and sacrifice so much for physical beauty), beauty is an inside job. The more we cultivate the beauty/power that the Grandmothers speak of, the more sexually irresistible we become, the more popular we become, and the more love we are able to give and receive.

And isn’t that what we all really want by being able to flaunt our gorgeous tits and ass in a bikini on the beach? We want to be irresistible, we want good sex, and we want to be loved and to give love. GUESS WHAT! We – me and you and all women everywhere – can have all of that, with exactly the body we have right now. The Grandmothers have said this in their way, and I say it again: there is more to life than being able to wear a bikini.

Today, your homework is to focus on the beauty/power within and to ask the Grandmothers to grow that. Slowly, your inner beauty/power will grow and the need for that bikini-body will fade like the transitory pleasure that a bikini-body is.

Much love to you and your body in exactly the form it has taken today,

Golden Eagle Feather


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