Daily Obsession: Mountaintop view – anchoring the Net of Light

These Daily Obsessions are like a vitamin for the soul. Take one daily for obsessive worrying and criticizing. The Grandmothers are but one face of the Divine; substitute another if you prefer. The commentary to this Daily Obsession is only in English (sorry Nederlandstaligen!).


Op je recente reis…verankerde je het Net overal waar je kwam. … Je verankerde het Net. Deel deze informatie. Iedereen moet dit horen, omdat ieder mens dat ons oproept, hetzelfde doet. Ook zij verankeren het Net van Licht en ze moeten dat inzien. Waar je ook bent, thuis of in het buitenland, op het moment dat je het Goddelijke oproept, onze liefde voor jou voelt en/of deze liefde door je heen voelt stromen naar anderen, veranker je het Net van Licht. Juist op zo’n moment zegen je de aarde….” – De Grootmoeders via Sharon McErlane in Een oproep van de Grootmoeders, p. 278



During your recent trip…you anchored the Net wherever you came. … You anchored the Net. Share this information. Everyone must hear this, because every person who calls on us, does the same. They too anchor the Net of Licht and they must realize this. Wherever you are, at home or in a foreign country, whenever you call on the Divine, feel our love for you and/or let that love flow through to others, you anchor the Net of Licht. At that very moment you bless the Earth….” – The Grandmothers via Sharon McErlane in Our Love is Our Power, p. 278

Church bells, rung by hand, are clanging across the street behind me as I sit in a little café to write these words. I smile and give a friendly “Bonjour” to a lady staring at me. I think to myself, “Ha, I just anchored the Net of Light here without even trying.” Whenever I have had the opportunity to step into a church or a chapel, before taking a little hike with our kids or while walking through a mideval village, I have paused briefly to think of the Net of Light and visualize it being anchored into the ground of wherever we find ourselves.

Whenever the close quarters, long drives and relentless heat make one of us edgy and irritable, I call on the Grandmothers and the Net of Light to bring calm and peace to our little family. It doesn’t always work immediately, but as our vacation progresses we are all finding more and more calm and more and more laughter. Even my husband is suggesting that we pop into the churches we pass on our way for a moment of cool and calm. Peace and the Net of Light are clearly contaigious.

We climbed recently to a mountaintop. Up there I got a taste of what the Grandmothers mean by following the straight path that passes above the labyrinth. I looked down at the tops of the umbrellas covering the tourist restaurant’s terrace sitting far below the steep path up to this three-star panoramic view. On one side of the mountaintop, the cows were small like Lego figurines; another side was only populated by trees and a small ribbon of asphalt. I thought to myself, “It’s all a matter of perspective. From the ground, I can’t see the bees and insects busily making a living between these mountaintop flowers – but to them, these flowers are a matter of life and death. From up here, each person is but a dot, but from their perspective, their little family squabbles and the taste of their ice cream or beer means a great deal to them.” I promised myself to try to remember this mountaintop perspective the next time I started to take my everyday irritations and temptations too seriously. Even remembering it now makes me breathe deeply.

Today, visit a mountaintop in your mind, one with a 360° view. This is the view of the Grandmothers. It is important to come here regularly, and just like Jesus did, it is equally important to come down from the mountaintop too. When we bring the mountaintop view to our pedestrian lives, we become a blessing for the Earth.


Golden Eagle Feather




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