Daily Obsession: Endings and beginnings

These Daily Obsessions are like a vitamin for the soul. Take one daily for obsessive worrying and criticizing. The Grandmothers are but one face of the Divine; substitute another if you prefer.

(Sorry, only English commentary today – I’ll get back in the Dutch way next week.)


De vastzittende en donkere energie van dat soort plekken creeëren een deuropening, waardoor ‘het kwaad’ zoals wij dat noemen, kan binnenkomen, maar ik leerde dat met de Grootmoeders en de heilige man om me heen, die deur nooit opengaat.” – Sharon McErlane in Een oproep van de Grootmoeders, p. 107



The stuck and dark energy of that kind of place create a doorway, through which ‘evil’ as we call it can come in, but I learned that with the Grandmothers and the holy man around me, that door never opens.” -Sharon McErlane in Our Love is Our Power, around p. 105

I am preparing to end a vacation and go back to life as usual, but with some endings and some beginnings that await. I wanted to write about that…and then I got this quote. What is the connection?!?

Oh, I just realized what this is about for me personally – it’s a warning to keep alert and keep the Grandmothers around me like a blanket. Not to get distracted by the transitions, to keep the Grandmothers front and center no matter what.

Okay. And about endings and beginnings: well, it’s simple. If we stay close to the Divine, we simply cannot go wrong as things end and other things begin. Life is full of endings and beginnings – that is what keeps energy moving. Trying to make those endings and beginnings stop (so we can feel more comfortable and under control) creates a doorway for evil to enter.

Thank you Grandmothers! Just what I needed to hear.

Where are you trying to stop the flow of life? Stopping that river of life can create a doorway, or a tiny crack, where evil can enter. Let life flow, with the Grandmothers around you like a cozy and safe security blanket.


Golden Eagle Feather


2 comments on “Daily Obsession: Endings and beginnings

  1. Thank you Golden Eagle Feather…Thank you Grandmother…it’ so true trying to stop the flow of life creates anxiety, stress, and bad Karma…evil will pool, and seep into our lives…thanks for the reminder:-)

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