Daily Obsession: A sincere heart is all you need

These Daily Obsessions are like a vitamin for the soul. Take one as needed for obsessive worrying and criticizing. The Grandmothers are but one face of the Divine; subsitute another if you prefer. For English, scroll down.


Het is het oprechte hart dat de mensheid wenst te dienen dat onze aandacht trekt.” – The Grandmothers via Sharon McErlane in De Grootmoeders spreken, p. 157

(vandaag commentaar enkel in het Engels)


It is the sincere heart which wishes to serve humanity that attracts our attention.” – The Grandmothers via Sharon McErlane in A Call to Power, around p. 155

The Grandmothers can give the Empowerment or Cloak of Comfort directly to a person – that is how I received the Empowerment myself. If a person sincerely wishes to serve, it is enough just to tell the Grandmothers that. Our intention is what makes things happen.

Think about your life right now. What parts are working nicely, and what parts are causing you concern? Rise above all of those details, and think about the larger and wider intention that you have. Is your intention to serve humanity? Is your intention to love? Or is your intention to guarantee your physical security no matter what? Is your intention to gain control because you are afraid? Be honest with yourself – for most of us, we have a mix of intentions. When you think about the parts of your life that cause you concern, remember what your highest intention is.

Tell the Grandmothers (the Divine) what your intention is in the situation, and let them work out the details. Sit back and let the situation unfold according to your highest intention.

Wishing you a blessed day today,

Golden Eagle Feather


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