Random Thoughts: Emotional openness – before or after sex?

More than one man has said to me that men feel more emotionally open to their sexual partner after sex, whereas women in general seem to be wired the opposite way. Women want to feel emotionally intimate before opening themselves to the act of sex, but men get there more easily only afterward. 

What in the world was God thinking, wiring us up this way?!?

I realized that perhaps the reason for men’s behavior is that the act of sex gives them access to the woman’s yin-energy, which helps to soften their heart and brings their emotions and feelings of love to the surface.

Just a random thought…

Golden Eagle Feather


2 comments on “Random Thoughts: Emotional openness – before or after sex?

  1. sab1mail says:

    i do agree ! yes.
    in my view men do need woman – to open up .
    and women need men to open up .
    each in their own way and direction (wire) ……

    god / source is complete in creating …… :-)) paz y amor. ahora . s

    • Thanks sister! In retrospect, I think my comments were probably oversimplified and premature, but it has sparked some interesting thinking nonetheless. Men and women need each other, just like yin and yang do too.

      Love, Golden Eagle Feather

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