Love doesn’t change anything

Welcome back to my blog (I say to myself and to you).

This time around I’ll post only in English.

I was just meditating in the bathtub, talking to the Grandmothers. They say that the best way to help someone is to soak them in a bath of love, and wait for them to get unstuck. The love-soaking process doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t try to change anything.

Love – real love, God-love – doesn’t need to change anything. In the big picture, everything is perfect exactly as it is. (But us humans can’t possibly understand that, so we try to change things all the time, which makes us terribly unhappy.)

It’s paradoxical; love doesn’t change anything, but when people (or plants, or animals) are loved, they change. Just because the experience of being loved awakens something inside their very cells – and then they change. Not because the love-r tried to change them; on the contrary, the one doing the loving loves them exactly as they are and has no desire to change them.

Think of how a dog is so happy to see you when you come home. No matter what you say, no matter what you do, that dog loves you. When confronted with love like this, your heart might soften – and then again it might not. Is your change of heart up to that dog and its stupid, canine, unconditional love for you? No, your heart is up to you. But a happy dog greeting you at the end of the day might be just the spark you were hoping for to turn your day around.

Love doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t try to change anything. And yet love is the most powerful force of change in the universe.

Sending you love,

Golden Eagle Feather