Is life really a gift?

Hi folks,

I miss posting here so I am doing it even though I don’t actually have time. Oh wait, I am doing it so I must have time! LOL

Anyway, I often hear, “Life is a precious gift – treasure it”. But wait – the last I looked, life is full of pain – mine and others’. How can that pain be a precious gift?

I asked this of the Divine (the form of God I relate to best is the Grandmothers Speak or “Net of Light”).

The Great Council of the Grandmothers answered: “Pain is a gift, because it invites you to go deeper. And when you go deeper, you experience who you truly are: a being of peace, love and infinite compassion.”

So this begs the question, if we are truly eternal beings of peace and love as I have heard so often, then why bother to come to Earth and suffer…just to get back to being who we truly are?!? Why not just say “there” in that peaceful place of love all the time?

The Divine answered, “It’s like going on vacation – it’s so joyful to come home.” (That moves me so much, it makes me cry every time I think about it.)

Life presents us with infinite opportunities to experience the joy of coming home. This is why life is a gift. And this is why I meditate – to experience the joy of coming home, again and again.


One comment on “Is life really a gift?

  1. Ann says:

    Hi GoldenEagleFeather ! Thank you (+GrandMothers) for answering the perennial question this way, x Ann

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