From Scared to Sacred – a toolkit for scary times

A recent newspaper headline read, “We are afraid.” We are living in fearful times, just like the Grandmothers described many years ago. Transforming this energy of fear is not just good for us, it will “lift the entire template of life”. Those words and all of the words in bold are quoted from the books given by the Great Council of the Grandmothers.

Fear is the baseline negative state…it lies at the bottom of all misery. Not just some of the time … all of the time.  

All of the so-called problems in the world are fed by the energy of fear.

People who commit atrocities…have all been taken over by fear. Fear, if given control, will turn anyone into a monster. So don’t condemn, but rather pray for those who, for a time at least, have lost sight of their soul because of fear. Affirm the lighted one that is still within them.


So look for [fear]…keep an eye on it. This “first aid kit” is based on the Grandmothers teachings and our own experience dealing with our own innumerable fears.

  1. When you first notice yourself feeling fearful, anxious, worried or nervous, stop whatever you are doing.
  2. Make contact with the Divine (the light inside of you, the Grandmothers, the Net of Light, or another expression of the Divine).
  3. Ask the Divine for help with your fear.
  4. Face your fear! Together with the Divine, look at it, observe it, and listen to what it has to say. Do not judge your fear or try to change it! Let it be there – just look at it.
  5. Hold your fear in the Net of Light. When you stay in contact with one another and hold to the Net of Light, you create a force field where fear is unable to live.
  6. Repeat this every time you feel uneasy, anxious or fearful. Working like this is service.

Each time you look fear in the face, it will weaken, shrink, and finally disappear.



Every time we react to fear in this constructive way, we are claiming and holding sacred space.

Do not forget to take this step [to hold sacred space]. In times approaching, many will panic, but you need not. Simply choose to hold this space, and then do it.

It is time to step forward and claim sacred space.  By standing in your place of light, the entire template of life is lifted.


Given in love,

Golden Eagle Feather


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