About the Body

It has long been my belief that we get a body when we come to Earth, and we need instruction about how to use it and get along with it. Being a woman implies a special relationship to having a body. In our society, instead of revering the womanly shape that enables us to create life, we women are at war with our bodies most of the time. Most women, and an increasing number of men, are unsatisfied with the way their bodies look or are disappointed in some way with their body’s performance.

One day, I decided to have a conversation with my body. It went like this:

Me: What are you for?

My body (MB): I am your vehicle. I am what makes it possible for you to participate in this play called “being on Earth”.

Me: How do you feel when I criticize you or wish you were different, even hate you?

MB: I just know that it is the mind doing its thing.

Me: Am I separate from you, or are we one? Are you me?

MB: We are one but we are not the same. (I guess my body listens to U2). The eternal you is poured into every cell of me – that essence is present in all of me and we function as one. We need to stay together while you are on Earth.

Me: What about what I have said about the body being like a compass, directing us in one direction or another?

MB: The body is your means of perceiving earthly reality. I help you to see what is here, exactly as it is, without the mind’s interference or manipulating the data.

(Then I get an image of a spaceship like in an old episode of StarTrek, where the pilot and the ship merge together so the pilot literally becomes part of the ship and is absorbed into the ship, but without losing his conscious self. For the pilot to stay alive, the ship needs to stay functional.)

No matter what shape I am in (e.g., functional, sick, well, whole, disabled, whatever) is part of your personal role in experiencing and participating in life. Be grateful for your body and its manifestation exactly as it is, because that is helping you to fulfil your mission/role in life.

Me: What do you do for me?

MB: I give you pleasure. And I give you feedback about earthly reality. For example, pain gives feedback about how fire can endanger the body; an unpleasant sensation is a warning to stay away from something or someone, etc. Sensual pleasure is just that – something enjoyable, pleasurable, in a variety of forms: a pleasant touch, sexual pleasure, looking at beauty, good-tasting food, a nice smell, pleasant movements, etc.

Me: How do the Grandmothers see my body?

The Grandmothers: It does a fine job. It’s a good, strong body. (I notice that they make no comment about the things I obsess about, namely my body’s shape, size, color, esthetic qualities, etc.)


After this conversation with my body, I felt gratitude for its service and essential role in my life on Planet Earth. This conversation made me want to take good care of my “transportation and feedback device” – my very own spaceship.

My body gives me clear feedback about what foods help it to function better, which forms of exercise are beneficial for it, which activities or substances are enjoyable and which ones should be avoided.

The choice is mine – will I love this ship with whom I have merged for this entire lifetime, or will I be at war with this miraculous transportation and feedback device?

My body is capable of influencing my emotions, my behavior and my thinking. (Just ask my husband about how I behave when I am tired.) So I asked my body about that too:

Me: You (body) sometimes influence my emotions, behavior, even thinking. What do you say to that?

MB: I have my bad days too. If you don’t take care of me, I have more bad days.

Me: But what about getting sick?

MB: Some illness can be prevented and is the result of poor maintenance. Some illness is part of the plan.

Me: How can we know the difference?

MB: Talk to your body – just ask. If need be, ask a professional to help you talk to your body. Talking to God about it can help too.

Me: Death is inevitable, right?

MB: Yes, we all have an expiration date.

Me: Can this date be altered or is it fixed?

MB: It can be adjusted based on your choices.

Me: Thank you, body!


And check out this link for young girls’ ideas about their bodies – hint, it’s not about what they look like.

“I like my body
because it’s magic.”



2 comments on “About the Body

  1. Ann says:

    Awesome, thank you so much for sharing this

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