My favorite prayers

I am a practical person so my prayers are also imminently practical and applicable to real-life situations. Regardless of what you call the Divine, It knows when it is being spoken to – and in turn, the Divine “talks back” in the way and in a form we can relate to easily.

One of my favorite prayers is “God, please make it okay that I’m late” – that one works every time. Sometimes I arrive miraculously one time because other people are also late; sometimes it doesn’t work like that, but rather gives me room to start feeling and acting okay that I’m late. That reduces everyone’s stress.

Stay tuned for new prayers – I like to refresh my prayer-bank on a regular basis to prevent boredom.

Prayer for starting the work-day:

“Grandmothers, help me to stay connected to you throughout my workday so I can stay calm, peaceful and be of service in whichever way is presented to me. My life is more than my work, and my work is much more than my job. Let my presence be a blessing to everyone I meet today.”

A prayer/meditation for expansion:

Shut your eyes and imagine yourself sinking into the earth, all the way down to the earth’s core. Continue to expand until you are nestled in the core of the Earth, surrounded by the Great Mother. Rest there. Then expand, grow taller, until your feet are resting on a carpet of stars and your head is crowned with galaxies. This is your true home. View your current earthly preoccupations from this perspective – how do they look now? Gradually come back into your body before opening your eyes, but take this universal perspective with you as you move through your day.

All-purpose prayers:

“Grandmothers, help me to live my potential today.”

This is a good piece of advice by Socrates:

“Our prayers should be for blessings in general, for God knows best what is good for us.”


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